Other Fan Stuff

Link is low on health;
So he goes into a town;
Yay! A prostitute.

Link Link do your task
Zelda's being such an ass
Link Link do it fast

Chair Guy

A well-lit laptop
Scanning all the random chat
I am the chair guy

Ganon's gonna die
Link will re-rescue Zelda
Hyrule will be safe

Beeper is buzzing
Link I will help you get well
Hot coffee was served

Playing link
For a charity
All day long.

Zelda II must go
I cannot watch any more
Link to The Past NOW!!!

Email back and forth
I wonder what it will read...
Another rickroll...

Link loves prostitutes
He will sleep with them for health
Old chicks give magic

Couch Dog, the savior
She defends the universe
Her name is also Zoe

Link found a hookshot

and he held it above him

Link found a hookshot

and he held it above him


Rings come in Red,
Also in Blue,
the Magic Sword is sweet,
and the White sword will never do.

Link and mario joint forces
Recusing princess, scoring mushrooms
link get bonk bonk
mario gets big big!

you guys are amazing,
even though you sit on your buns,
everytime you have a marathon,
sick kids have some fun


Mario, Luigi, and that guy in the Middle.
Do not be sad, and get out the fiddle.
You shall beat zelda 2 it is not a riddle!

Once upon a troubled time
a boy named link inspired this rhyme
he fought great foes
had sex with hoes
beat that @$$hole ganon
without the use of a canon
only get one try
hope you dont die


the swords slash at me
i dodge them for my mission
a princess to save

Link's heart-pager beeps,
lon-lon doesn't sell milk yet.
Octorok burger.

Guardian of Hyrule
Protector of life
With the strength of a bully
That never dies With your sacred sword
Repel evil
And with your light bow
Destroy the fear-fever

Princess of destiny
Counts with you
But with her divinity
You both fell in love

You will always be remembered
For being strong and brave
You will never be forget
Not until the death

Enemies.they hate you
People.maybe they too
But you care?
I think maybe not yet

But for me.
Deeply inside
You will always be
The Hero of Time

Ding-dong's are so good
Ding-dong's give me chocolate poo
Ding-dong's oh so sweet

A Poem For The Zelda Marathon

Link set out on a 2-d quest
When it comes to marathons, this teams the best
They'll save the princess, while killing Ganon
Foiling whatever the hell he was plannin'
On the Mario side the smiles will glisten
But Four 48 Will Frown 'cause their stuck with "Hey,Listen!"

- Hero -

Grab your sword and shield,
Ganon's evil has returned,
Time to save the day

zelda all night long
lotus blossom in the breeze
eat some more twinkies

eating a ding dongs
couch guy continues to play
still without a death